Debit Cards

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Use your Visa Debit Card as an alternative when you don’t want to carry cash. You can make everyday purchases worldwide at participating retailers and service providers. Purchases are deducted directly from your checking account. We also offer privilege pay protection so you don’t have to worry about those potentially embarrassing moments at the register.

Before you travel, give us a call!
Depending where you are traveling, there may be blocks on your debit or credit cards. If you notify us, we can unblock your card while you travel, to prevent potential problems and let you relax and enjoy your travels!

Due to a rise in fraud, we have elected to block credit/signature transactions at some merchants.
You may be required to use your PIN number when making a transaction at certain merchants. If your Visa Debit Card transaction is denied as a credit/signature transaction, please try the transaction again using your PIN number.

Card lost or stolen?
For Debit Card Service, including reporting a lost or stolen Debit Card, please call 866-960-2296

For inquiries related to your Debit Card PIN number, please call 800-992-3808